Located at the top of the Yanık Ülke (Burnt Land) Vineyards, the 16-room Villa Estet Hotel has a distinguished spot overlooking the entire vineyard. You will wake up to beauty of the morning breeze from the vineyards stretching vast across the scenic hillsides.


At Villa Estet each room is named after a grape variety: Merlot, Boğazkere, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Öküzgözü, Chardonnay...
Standard Amenities available in all Villa Estet rooms:

  • 42” TV
  • DVD player,
  • DVD movie options
  • iPod Dock
  • Sterep System
  • Mini Bar
  • Living Area
  • Your private wine cellar

At Villa Estet, you are sure to make a fresh start to the day in our pool looking to vineyard that stretches vast before your eyes... As the sun starts to raise you can enjoy pruning the vines with our vineyard team while the vineyard, where our wines come to life, is still in the morning chill.

In Villa Estet’s special tasting hall, you can taste Yanık Ülke Wines.. At our Winery, you can get information about viticulture and wine-making techniques from our winemaker and vineyard manager and get a first taste of our wines from the barrels and tanks waiting to be bottled.

In our wine cellar, you can enjoy pleasant sips from your glass.

You can enjoy the unique sunset and the sights of the vineyards with a glass of wine.

At Villa Estet Restaurant you will be enjoying a specially prepared menu offering a selection of matched wine -food combinations, unlike a standard restaurant menu. You can also order your special game-meat courses before you arrive at our hotel, to experience gastronomic menu to accompany your wine.


Villa Estet Vineyards Hotel