Total vineyard area: 30 acres

• Grape Varieties Cultivated:  

Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties are grown in our Gürle Vineyards.

• Location: 
Our Gürle vineyard is located at 120 m altitude from sea level. Vineyards are usually planted in the north-south direction.

• Micro climate
Summers are moderate to warm at Gürle, winters are cold with heavy precipitation.

• Soil Structure
Gürle has a sandy-stony soil with loamy texture. Water retention capability is good.

• Pruning and Other Cultural Activities: 
Single-arm training Guillaud pivot pruning system is applied.

• Yield per Hectare: 
Spacing of vine plants vary from 2.5x1 and 3x1. Spacing is determined by the grape variety and is implemented to ensure the highest quality. Yield at Gürle vineyards vary by grape varieties, usually in the range of 3000-4000 kg / ha.

• Harvest: 
Gürle vineyards are harvested from the mid to late August. Harvest date is determined according to the results of sampling from the vineyard and tasting. Seed development is an important factor in decisions as well as Brix, acid content, pH values.