Tasting & Winery Tours

We are truly pleased to welcome you, our wine loving guests, all seasons round the year for daylong trips or stays at Villa Estet Vineyard Hotel to visit our vineyard, winery, cellar and wine shop; taste the Burnt Land wines and get to know us better.

We are offering two options for the wine tastings during your visit.

  • 3 Wines Tasting Set: Cataratto, Nerello and Strabon
  • 5 Wines Tasting Set: Cataratto, Viognier, Nerello, Pinot Noir and Strabon

You are kindly requested to book in advance of your visit to allow our production and vineyard managers provide detailed information. By advising us your game meat preferences before your arrival you can enjoy a special and gastronomic menu to accompany your wine experience at Villa Estet Restaurant during your stay.

For More Information: +90 (236) 847 2121 / +90 (555) 004 5545

Wine Tours